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Growing Your Ecom Business in 2021

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

If you're in the ecommerce space, you've got a LOT of competition.

Not only are you competing with other companies who sell exclusively online, you're now up against almost every local business offering virtual or online consultations. Shopping carts are a dime a dozen.

Plus, given the global shift over the last 12 months thanks to COVID-19, you've got to start planning now to sustain your growth into the future.

Option #1: Scale Your Existing Products

If you've got a successful ecommerce brand with proven products, scaling is a great option.

But if you've tried it yourself, you may have found that scaling isn't quite as easy as it sounds.

Depending on how you get your website traffic, whether it's organic or paid, it's not quite as simple as doubling your ad budget.

Scaling existing ad campaigns is more art than science. If you've tried increasing your ad budget, you have probably found there's a point of diminishing return. The algorithms that run behind online ads learn to produce results based on your budget history and these trends are not easily changed.

That's where specialized ecom marketing agencies come in. They have extensive experience with specific strategies for optimizing and scaling campaigns well past what you may be able to do internally.

Also, they may be able to offer additional strategies for improving your conversion rates such as website opt-ins, email marketing, etc.

Option #2 - Expand Your Branded Product Line

This is when most ecom brands find us. They're looking to diversify or grow their product offering by creating their own branded line of on-trend, inclusive jewellery.

And in our case, jewellery made from certified recycled products.

If you find that your product offering has become too commoditized or fails to stand out in a competitive market, going private-label allows you to differentiate your offering.

It also creates scarcity.

If your product is ONLY available on your website and can't be found other places (especially Amazon), you have a better chance of developing a strong, warm audience of fans, followers and customers who want the kind of products you now offer.

Working with a jewellery manufacturer like Phoenix Design Group gives you that growth option. We offer full design and manufacturing services for ecom brands. Or, if you have a designer in-house, we work together to finalize and approve the prototypes and manufacture according to your schedule.

And whether or not you work with us or someone else to create a private-label product exclusive for your ecommerce brand, we can tell you with certainty that this strategy pays big dividends.

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