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"Clients do not come first.  Employees come first.  If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. It's that simple"

- Sir Richard Branson


Corporate Social Responsibility 



We see enormous potential in collaborations with clients and partners helping create unique, distinct collections and brands.

We are proud that the British Paralympic athletes wore our jewellery when they competed in the 2016 Olympic Games.  It was an honour for us the be associated with the team and we look forward to the new partnership and new jewellery collection for the 2020 games in Japan.  Go Team GB !!

We understand and love the fact that our staff members are our greatest assets!  We strive to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all members of the Phoenix Design Group team.  We are audited several times per year by Internationally recognised auditors to ensure we are compliant with Thai and International labour laws.

We're so, so pleased to be involved with UK registered charity CHOOSE LOVE and their Help Refugees project in collaboration with one of our favourite clients.

We want "Sustainability" to be more than just a business "buzz" word!  We truly understand the importance of sustainable manufacturing.  We are committed to building an eco-friendlier, sustainable business and are partnered with registered British Environmental charity PATT Foundation.

We have also recently switched our products to be manufactured by using certified refined and re-cycled raw material which we are all very proud of!

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