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Sustainable Jewellery Manufacturing for Brands

ethical jewellery design
sustainable jewellery manufacutring

Phoenix Design Group is where top retail and online brands come to have their private-label, sustainable jewellery manufacturing from certified, recycled silver.


But you’d never know it.


We maintain the highest levels of confidentiality with all of our clients to ensure the gender-fluid, on-point jewellery we design for your brand is exclusively yours.

Where Ethics & Sustainability Meet High Fashion


Our clients include some of the top retail fashion brands in the world, especially those committed to offering sustainably manufactured jewellery.


For us, sustainability and responsible business practices aren’t just something we talk about. Our supply chain is 100% transparent and independently audited by accredited organizations.


Additionally, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for our most important assets - our staff team members.

Jewellery Made Exclusively With 100% Recycled Silver


All of our cutting-edge jewellery products are made from 100% recycled silver as certified by independent agencies. Each one of our finished pieces are tested to conform with European nickel directives

On-Fashion Design


Some brands we work with have their own designs in mind for new pieces and lines. Or, if you are looking for inspiration, our team of designers will create something for you.


Our design focus is on creating innovative, gender-fluid designs that can be worn by anyone, regardless of how they self-identify.


Either way, design is a collaborative process consisting of design briefs and mood boards designed to push the envelope of what’s available on today’s market.

CAD Stage & Production/Lead Time


After we have initial design approval, our typical lead time for CAD is 2-4 weeks for a sample. 

However, our CAD machines take just one day to print a CAD design. Once the sample is approved, we allocate 4-6 weeks for production at which time you should have the finished product in hand.

Schedule a Consultation


If you’re interested in adding sustainable, fashion-forward pieces to your brand offering, schedule a consultation today. We welcome the opportunity to show you how our team can help build your brand presence in a collaborative fashion.

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