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Jewellery Manufacturing - The Way It Should Be


Phoenix Design Group designs, manufactures, and packages, on-trend jewellery for brands made exclusively from sustainable, certified recycled silver and gold.

We believe in a brave, new way of manufacturing jewellery, guided by the principles of responsibility, ethics, authenticity, diversity and inclusion.

In our eyes, sustainability is more than an idea. It's not just a certification we’ve earned, it's a way of life.

That’s why our mission is to help forward-thinking retail brands grow, responsibly. 

Our Journey

For a long time, manufacturing jewellery wasn’t something to be proud of - disingenuous people and fast fashion created by unethical sourcing and trading practices.


We choose to do things differently.


If you’re looking for stuffy, old-school jewelry manufacturers, you’re in the wrong place.


We're a progressive and agile forward-thinking company. We even put our mantras right on our website for everyone to see what we believe.


We’re all about on-trend fashion. All ethically and sustainably sourced in a gender neutral environment.


Each product line is customized to the customer’s brand, exclusively for their customers.

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We Offer

Quality and Service


On-Trend, Gender-Fluid Design


Responsible Manufacturing


Forward-Thinking Partnerships

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