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Why Protecting The Earth Feels Good When Creating & Selling Sustainable Jewellery

If you’re in the eCommerce or retail space you can get excited about the opportunity to offer your customers a beautiful on-trend, gender fluid silver and gold jewellery collection that is both timeless and eco-friendly.

Can you imagine how rewarding it could be for your brand to sell your customers a jewellery collection that is not only trendy but helps save our planet?

Knowing that each piece sold will last a lifetime can bring such joy as we help build a timeless legacy that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Meeting The Needs Of Brands Who Want To Sell Sustainable Jewellery

We are where the top retail and online brands come to have their private label of cutting-edge jewellery products designed and manufactured.

They are all made from 100% recycled silver as certified by independent agencies. Each one of our finished pieces is tested to conform with European nickel directives.

Because each piece is made just for your brand, we maintain the highest levels of confidentiality with all of our clients to ensure the gender-fluid, on-point jewellery we design for your brand is exclusively yours.

You will never find cookie-cutter products with our designers as we aim to set you apart and remove any competition in the marketplace.

As the increase of awareness of how important it is to take care of our planet becomes more and more mainstream, people will want to purchase eco-friendly products that will not harm the environment.

Keeping up with this growing trend will benefit your brand and store by being:

  • relevant and current

  • passionate about leaving no waste behind

  • a leader in the sustainable jewellery industry

  • a retailer who cares about ethical sourcing and the manufacturing processes

  • a retailer offering unique designs made exclusively for your brand

  • a sustainable jewellery retailer focused on people who care about the environment

  • a retailer that can offer custom, one of a kind sustainable designs that last a lifetime

Our design focus is on creating innovative, gender-fluid designs that can be worn by anyone, regardless of how they self-identify.

We welcome all retailers who share our strong beliefs and want to embrace our culture. We believe your customers will thank you for it. We know we do.

Non- Sustainable Jewellery; A High Cost For The Planet We Can't Afford

Over the years, the fashion industry has negatively impacted the Earth with non-sustainable materials. It has left a massive carbon footprint due to the waste they leave behind.

These products are harming the planet by dumping their waste in waterways, polluting and contaminating our land, and causing soil degradation and erosion during the manufacturing process. For these reasons, these materials are unsafe for the environment.

What are non-sustainable materials and products?

Goods that are labeled non-sustainable are materials that are made from resources that can not be replenished. This means they are not reusable and will one day become depleted.

Some examples of non-sustainable materials are:

  • plastics

  • styrofoam

  • coffee filters

  • teabags

  • fossil fuels

We believe in changing that process by being hyper-conscious of our potential effect on the environment. We also want to bring awareness to what happens when we neglect our responsibility to the planet as that contributes to global warming and other ecological concerns.

That is why all of our jewellery is recycled, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and protects the planet.

Selling Sustainable Jewellery For Brands That Want To Look Good And Feel Good.

Great amounts of metal, including silver, are disposed of each year needlessly. As a company, we work hard to change that by utilizing these precious resources to handcraft sustainable pieces of jewellery while also combating wasteful practices.

We practice sustainability in everything we do. Our designers have adopted sustainable methods of manufacturing as well as developing long-lasting products that protect the environment and people.

Here are a few ways we manufacture eco-friendly sustainable silver and gold:

  • we only work with recycled silver

  • we ensure that there is virtually no waste of the precious silver

  • all our products are ethically sourced

  • we are transparent about our manufacturing process

  • we adhere to the code of ethical practices and compliance standards

  • we only use certified refined and re-cycled raw materials

Our silver is extracted and then recycled at precious metal refineries, which are ethically audited, into pure silver bullion creating a one of a kind timeless product that we can be proud of.

However, we believe generation Z looks to make ethical choices in as many areas of their lifestyle as possible. They want to protect the environment but most of them are not even aware there are better and safer alternatives.

We choose to do things differently. We have the safer alternatives they are looking for.

Working With Us; Doing Great Things Together

If you’re a forward-thinking jewellery or eCommerce or retail brand looking to align your company with a manufacturer that values sustainability, we’d love to talk with you about partnering to achieve our common goals.

Call us at +66 210 72046 or email us at, and let’s get started!

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