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Sustainable Silver Jewellery


The fashion industry has, unfortunately, over the years, impacted the Earth. It has left a massive carbon footprint due to the plastics and materials it has left behind, along with waste the industry has created. Because the niche thrives on temporary trends, it is especially difficult for jewellery and clothing designers to adopt sustainable methods of manufacturing as well as to develop long-lasting products.


Jewellery manufacturers have long been chastised for peddling cheap products that are not ethically sourced. Costs are kept to a minimum due to the use of second-rate materials and failure to pay workers a decent wage for their efforts.


While no one can be 100% perfect, we at Phoenix Design Group are well aware of the impact that shoddy business practices can have on the environment and on those living in areas that are dependent on corrupt industries. As a manufacturer, we want you to know that we share your passion for conducting business differently.


We are hyper-conscious of our potential effect on the environment and how neglecting our responsibility to the planet can contribute to global warming and other ecological concerns. As such, we practice sustainability in everything we do.


The Truth about Mining


Unfortunately, the average customer does not understand the severity of the lack of sustainability that permeates the silver jewellery industry. We have this knowledge and have taken the time to learn where materials are sourced from and how they are mined. Many indigenous populations have, after all, been negatively impacted by careless silver mining practices.


Silver mining has also had a negative effect on the environment for decades. This is due to toxic greenhouse gas emissions and the destruction of the natural ecosystem of a given area. This is why we only create jewellery with recycled silver as an alternative that is sustainable. Its use greatly reduces the demand for mining silver and other precious metals.


Working with Recycled Silver


Great amounts of metal, including silver, are disposed of each year needlessly. As a company, we work hard to change that by utilizing these precious resources to handcraft sustainable pieces of jewellery while also combating wasteful practices. We incorporate recycled scrap silver that is responsibly sourced from all types of items, including used mobile phones and computers, jewellery pieces that are broken or abandoned, and general raw material scraps. The silver is extracted and then recycled at precious metal refineries, which are ethically audited, into pure silver bullion.


All of our pieces are created this way. As a matter of fact, any unused or scrap silver is melted down by casters and used to create new pieces, sheet metal, and wire. We ensure that there is virtually no waste of the precious silver that can be used over and over again sustainably. We even make it a point to purchase only the bare minimum amount of raw silver required to fill orders to reduce our environmental impact and prevent waste. New design processes, and technology promoting efficiency, give us an edge when it comes to sustainable production.


Timeless Designs for the Ages

Technically, an argument can be made that jewellery is a sustainable good, since it is passed from one generation to another. However, due to changes in fashion and tastes between generations, this is not always a viable choice. That is why we aim to create timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for ages to come. This gives our jewellery another layer of sustainability that you will not find from many other suppliers. We want your customers to purchase long term items over today’s fast fashion. By making jewellery that lasts, and shying away from the fads of the day, we maximize wear and, therefore, sustainability.

End Products that are Green


While it can be argued that greener products cost as much as thirty percent more than their counterparts, a 2020 study found that up to two thirds of the population are willing to shell out more money for responsibly-sourced items. Millennials and members of Generation Z are even more likely to do so than the average consumer.


Our ethically-made pieces include classic items, such as bracelets, including bangles and cuffs, necklaces of all lengths, including chokers, signet and stackable rings, body jewellery, pins and brooches, pendants, charms, and earrings including hoops, studs, and threaders.


We Meet Rigorous Standards


We are completely transparent about our manufacturing process and adhere to several directives that are typically standard within the sustainable silver jewellery niche. Our hypoallergenic items are in accordance with the EU nickel directive and we are considered a Fairtrade silver business. This means we create silver jewellery with metal that is either produced transparently and fairly or recycled.


We should also mention that the Responsible jewellery Council (RJC) and the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) audit our silver bullion refineries for adherence to the code of ethical practices in manufacturing that each association posits. They both also ensure that any silver used is recycled and certified as such.


Many younger consumers are choosing sustainability over the pizzazz of flashing brand new designer jewellery. This is why we want to work with your business by providing you with quality jewellery composed from recycled silver in a plethora of innovative designs tailored to your expectations.


Work With Us


If you’re interested in adding sustainable, fashion-forward pieces to your brand offering, schedule a consultation today. We welcome the opportunity to show you how our team can help build your brand presence in a collaborative fashion.


Call us at +66 210 72046, email us at, or contact us and let’s get started!

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